Clear Vision

Loris and Associates, a Colorado-based civil engineering firm, is a trusted community partner creating socially and environmentally conscious structure and infrastructure.

Clear Mission

Loris and Associates delivers creative solutions to challenging projects through effective client collaboration, diligent focus on project objectives, sound holistic engineering, and uncompromising quality. Based on a culture that balances high performance with personal growth, we deliver aesthetic, constructible, and safe designs that serve as an ongoing source of community pride and achievement.

What This Means

Loris and Associates is a first-rate structural and civil engineering company. We maintain this level of professionalism by continuously focusing on delivering uncompromised technical competence and quality in each and every work product we provide, for ourselves and for our clients. We listen to our clients’ stated objectives, and also tune in to what is sometimes not stated, to create designs that meet or exceed all project goals. This is our priority because, as self-challenged servants in our local and global communities, we also share in the pride of our workmanship and in our responsibility to the environment.

LORIS employees are the best. They insist on maintaining this standard of global stewardship and technical professionalism. They work in unison, thus creating a synergy far greater than the sum of each team member’s individual skills and talents. Our work culture perpetuates employee growth through integrity, professionalism, and the desire to make a difference in the world.

Strong Capabilities

Each of our Professional Engineers works in the discipline they are strongest in; however, our emphasis on cross training and interaction between service types encourages a fresh look at design solutions. LORIS uses the latest engineering design technology and CAD applications. And, we provide thorough in-house evaluations of our plans and construction documents through our quality assurance/control program to ensure that designs are accurate, drawings are complete, and projects are buildable.


LORIS has been incorporating sustainability into its designs since before the term was coined. We create holistically engineered solutions that are unique and appropriate for each site location. Our civil and structural designs engage the end-user’s senses from the premise that Nature knows best, and we honor that wisdom. Our structures are ever mindful of the environments in which they are placed, and they are safe and economically maintained. As masters of balance, we weave together creativity and engineering to develop structure and infrastructure through which others can enjoy a pleasurable experience and also come away with a greater message about the world in which we live.

Creative Design

LORIS solves challenges in imaginative, cost-effective, and constructible ways. Our extensive experience in systems and materials enables us to create designs that surpass ordinary solutions. We are experts at “Mastering the Art of Engineering Structures and Infrastructures,” and offer solutions in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.


Since our inception in 1988 our focus on quality and excellence has brought us steady growth, repeat customers, and industry recognition. A recent survey indicated that 91% of our clients would use LORIS’ services again given the opportunity; and, LORIS has received several prestigious awards over the past several years – a recognition by our peers of our commitment to providing outstanding creative solutions.

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