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May 11, 2011 Satank Bridge Historic Preservation Project is complete! Spanning through 111 years of time and weather, Carbondale’s Satank Bridge is the only remaining Pratt-through truss wooden bridge in Colorado. The new timber compression members on the bridge are wooden, its tension members are all steel, and after a thorough renovation, the bridge stands as a refreshed stunning framework over the glistening Roaring Fork River on County Road 106 near the Rio Grande trail. Read more on the Garfield County website.

Aspen took an innovative approach to becoming “green” through the use of recycled rubber sidewalks along Mian Street.  See Main Street Sidewalks,” Colorado Public Works Journal, January 2010.

A contract was awarded to Loris and Associates to design and construct a trail from Two Rivers Park through Midtown.  See “River trail gets contract,” Ruidoso News, August 8, 2009.

The South Platte River Project…is the single largest flood control project undertaken.  See “South Platte River Globeville & North Areas,” Colorado Public Works Journal, January 2009.

Anyone who thinks “creative” is a word that doesn’t go in front of “engineer” isn’t familiar with the work of Pete Loris.  Checkout “Masters of Simplicity,” Colorado Construction, June 2008.