Pete and Scott attend Walk21 Conference in NYC

Pete and Scott attended the Walk21 Conference in New York City.  The conference took place at New York University in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, from Wednesday October 7th to Friday October 9th 2009.  The conference set new records for attendance at Walk21 with nearly 700 delegates over the four days.

We got to meet public officials and design experts from around the world, all with a passion for making our world less centered on automobile transportation.  We also had a chance to see the many recent and innovative pedestrian and bike facilities developed in and around NYC.  It was amazing to see so much done in such a short period of time.   We brought home many new ideas for fitting bike and ped facilities in challenging locations.

Check out the link here for more information about the conference, including a short video.  If you have any questions about the conference, Walk21, or the innovative ped and bike treatments in NYC, drop us a line.

Colored bike lane and median plaza conversion in lower Manhattan