Like our logo, LORIS’ services are truly integrated and build upon one another. Our service lines work together to develop simple, elegant solutions that incorporate systems and materials from a broad spectrum of experience. We take pride in our attention to detail and ability to produce aesthetic designs. Our engineers are driven by three fundamentals – the wishes of our clients, professional diligence and personal excellence. No matter how you look at it, we create designs that come together smoothly and fit seamlessly with our clients’ needs.

Paths & Trails

LORIS is committed to making small contributions – one trail at a time – to the establishment and expansion of our country’s diverse network of trails, paths, and greenways. From simple open space soft-surface trails to dramatic aesthetic pedestrian and bicycle paths and greenways, LORIS considers each project a blank canvas. By listening to each location “speak for itself,” we can bring out the best in the environment and deliver a tailored solution that works.

Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian bridges offer an excellent opportunity to enhance the trail experience. Most trails are situated in a natural environment requiring water or roadway crossings. Pedestrian bridges provide an opportunity to celebrate the feature being crossed by highlighting the crossing or providing an interesting destination in itself. Most trails projects cannot afford highly detailed bridges at each crossing, but occasional “landmark” structures at critical locations help give a trail unique character. The following selected projects represent a cross-section of LORIS’ capabilities in pedestrian bridge design.

Pedestrian Underpasses

As our urban trails become more widely used, and our streets more congested, safe street crossings have become increasingly important. LORIS has designed numerous trail under-crossings of busy streets and highways. We understand the critical design issues ranging from safety, to utility relocation, to construction phasing. Phasing is one of the primary considerations of building underpasses because, in most cases, the street being crossed must remain fully operational during construction. And, similar to our bridges and structures, we like to incorporate aesthetics into our underpass designs. The following selected projects represent a cross-section of LORIS’ capabilities in pedestrian underpass design.

Vehicular Bridges

LORIS’ award-winning Bridge Service Line is renowned for design aesthetics and technical expertise. We design bridges of all types and sizes, and we also perform bridge inspection and rehabilitation. Where possible, we like motorists and pedestrians to experience a bridge as a celebration of the feature being crossed.


LORIS’ Roadway Service Line is responsible for the design of vehicular corridors, including intersections and streetscapes. Our engineers fully understand the different design standards for city streets, county roads, state highways, and interstate highways as well as the pedestrian scale required for traffic-calming, multi-use paths, and other pedestrian-oriented infrastructure. This combination of abilities provides transportation facilities that are safe and enjoyable for all users.

Site Structures

LORIS’ Site Structures Service Line provides design solutions for structures that fall outside of the building, special structure, or bridge envelope. Work of this nature typically includes retaining walls, foundations for specialty equipment, signage, drainage structures, and other site features. We endeavor to make our site structure designs fit seamlessly with the overall design concept in a cost-effective manner.

Civil Site Development

Our Civil Engineering Service Line provides complete site development and floodplain modeling services. Our engineers understand the inter-relationship of all aspects of development and prepare designs that meet land use requirements, sound engineering judgment, and high aesthetic standards. In developing hydraulic models, we take a practical approach to understanding what is really happening prior to making recommendations.


Our Buildings Service Line excels in the design of numerous types and sizes of buildings. Early brainstorming sessions with our clients help steer the design in the most cost-effective direction from the outset. In the ensuing stages of design and construction, we offer a proactive approach, implementing a wide knowledge base of materials and system types. We are able to design efficient, constructible systems on ordinary structures, as well as clean, elegant systems and connections where structure is an important design element.

Construction Management

Our veteran engineers provide construction observation, constructability review, quality assurance, and resident engineering. LORIS’ considerable construction engineering experience assures our clients that their projects will be administered properly. Our meticulous care is especially important on federally funded projects, which require flawless documentation.

Contract Types

LORIS service contracts are tailored to meet a client’s specific needs.

* Full-Service Design: LORIS serves as either a prime consultant or subconsultant services. LORIS provides complete design solutions, construction documents, investigations, reports and construction engineering.

* On-Call Services: LORIS engineers work with client-formed teams on an as-needed basis to provide complete designs or red-line services of designs by others.

* Emergency Response: LORIS responds quickly to solve engineering problems due to sudden failure or construction difficulties.