Paths & Trails

LORIS is committed to making small contributions – one trail at a time – to the establishment and expansion of our country’s diverse network of trails, paths, and greenways. From simple open space soft-surface trails to dramatic aesthetic pedestrian and bicycle paths and greenways, LORIS considers each project a blank canvas. By listening to each location “speak for itself”, we can bring out the best in the environment and deliver a tailored solution that works.

Trails have become an integral part of our transportation and recreation infrastructure. There are basically two types of trails – those that easy to design and those that have many challenges. LORIS’ designers thrive on the latter. We enjoy designing all trails, but most particularly those that are technically challenging. Because many of our engineers are also avid trail users, we combine technical expertise with practical experience to create safe, functional, and enjoyable corridors. The following selected projects represent a cross-section of LORIS’ capabilities in trail design.