Hallam/Castle Creek Multi-Use Path – Aspen, CO

Hallam Avenue

LORIS and Associates was selected to design pedestrian and bicycle improvements on Hallam Avenue (SH 82) from 7th Avenue to Cemetery Lane at the “Entrance to Aspen”.  The improvements include replacing a sidewalk with a multi-use path, bulb-outs to reduce pedestrian crossing lengths, and improved BRT bus stops.

The widened path requires modifications to the Castle Creek Bridge cross section that currently has 5-foot-wide sidewalks on each side, 3-foot-wide shoulders and 12-foot lanes.  The proposed cross section is being developed.

Critical issues of the design include preservation of trees, drainage and snow storage.   LORIS and the City of Aspen are working together on a public outreach program that includes Public Meetings, and one-on-one meetings with property owners.