Lyons US 36 Beautification Project, Lyons, CO

LORIS provided design enhancements on US 36 from Stone Canyon Road to 3rd Avenue, the eclectic business district at the east entrance to Lyons. The purpose of the project is to extend the successful Main Street streetscape improvements (that LORIS designed in 2009) to the commercial district immediately to the east, while enhancing the economic viability of this corridor.
The modifications include: drainage improvements from 3rd Avenue to the Black Bear Hole; additional parking and driveway accesses; improved pedestrian mobility along US 36 including sidewalks and highway crossings with refuge islands; bike lanes; beautification in the form of streetscape and a possible art park; and a traffic signal with turn lane modifications and pedestrian crossing at the US 36/Stone Canyon Intersection.
The project went through an extensive review to achieve a roadway cross section that is acceptable to Lyons and CDOT. The project is currently under construction.

*Federally Funded, CDOT Region 4


Town of Lyons
Jim Blankenship, P.E., Town Engineer
(303) 604-1634


$2.0 M


Under Construction