Miller Ranch Road Bridge – Eagle County, CO

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The Miller Ranch Road Bridge is a one-span, 155-ft. long, 67-ft. wide structure that crosses the Eagle River. This $4 million federally funded (CDOT Region 3) bridge and roadway project included an alignment study of 1.5 miles of roadway and the intersection design of Miller Ranch Road and U.S. Highway 6, a vehicular bridge, railroad crossing, and coordination with adjacent development. Our initial study investigated eight different alignments that considered various access points, environmental impact, right-of-way take, railroad crossing, bridge location, river hydraulics, geological, safety, and cost factors.

As the result of a smooth public process, our design was narrowed down to two locations, each affecting different property owners. Right-of-way costs were extremely high because the proposed route crosses very valuable and rare Eagle County riverfront property. The final alignment was selected based on cost, U.S. Highway 6 access, and safety considerations. The structure was designed as a one-span instead of using the more efficient two-span structure type in order to accommodate river recreational sports. Bridge aesthetics included stone columns with decorative blue lighting.

This project won the 2004 Project of the Year award from the American Public Works Association and the National Association of Counties 2004 Achievement Award (Eagle County).